Lexus Woodford are continuing to support the local community | Hills Motor Group Lexus

Did you know that Lexus Woodford are continuing to support the community by granting charity Age UK Redbridge Barking and Havering funds to develop their centre?

Lexus Woodford has been supporting local charity Age UK for a number of years now.

We applied for the Toyota UK Fund for a Better Tomorrow and Toyota & Lexus kindly allowed us to donate to this amazing charity.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis Age UK has seen a 30% increase in demand for support (particularly Information and Advice assistance) from local older people at a time when 80% of our volunteers (aged 70+) have been required to stay at home.

Hazel McKenzie, Business Development & Fundraising Manager explains further:

"We have supported over 1100 local older people providing over 10000 direct contacts via telephone, social media, emails, online activities, home support visits including over 1550 welfare checks. Those we support often live with multiple long-term health conditions, e.g. dementia, high blood pressure, stroke, progressive lung diseases and diabetes and many of this group now have to shield/socially isolate due to the Coronavirus crisis. Examples of

where we have offered support is below:-

Older people with visual impairment - Almost 2 million people in the UK have significant sight loss and the vast majority of these are older people (RNIB and Age UK, 2015). The number of people aged 65+ is expected to rise by nearly 50% in the next 18-20 years to over 17 million (ONS, 2015). We have provided I&A for local older people in this group linked with appropriate support for their visual problems, helping to improve their general networks and support systems.

Pension Credit - Changes in May this year debarred a pensioner of either gender from claiming pension credit until their partner, whether male or female, also attains their own state pension age. This measure slashes the incomes of the couples affected who claim Pension Credit in the future, by up to £7,000 a year in the worst cases. We have experienced a surge in older people seeking Information and Advice in this area; our project workers played an important role in helping older people prepare for the changes and ensure they were in receipt of all entitlements they were due.

We would like to thank Lexus Woodford for the grant received which has enabled Age UK Redbridge Barking and Havering to continue its important work in this area.

Shona Hayes, Group Marketing Manager at Lexus Woodford has explained how important it is to continue to support local charities such as Age UK and are proud to be a part of the development of their centre.