What is MyT?

MyT is a new mobile app that gives you access to a range of connected services from Toyota. From Find My Car to sharing your car journey, MyT works by keeping you connected with your vehicle.

Designed to make your daily life easier, your MyT app will give you practical and useful information about your Toyota at your fingertips.
We have put together some how-to videos for you to ensure an easy set-up of your MyT app, simply click on the links below:

App account creation

Creating a MyT app account couldn’t be simpler. Just download the app and follow the instructions on My T.

Connected services activation

You can connect compatible vehicles to the MyT app yourself. Check for compatibility then follow the instructions to connect your car.

Find my car

You can use your MyT app to find out exactly where your car is located right down to the precise location with step-by-step guidance to return you to your vehicle.

Last mile guidance

When you can’t park your car at your final destination, Last Mile Guidance guides you from where you parked to your final destination on foot or by public transport.

Multimedia setup

Get the most out of your multimedia system with MyT. By using Bluetooth, and the Wi-Fi function on your smartphone, you will be able to access your MyT account while in the car and also register your multimedia system to your account via the app.

Send to car

Send to car allows you to plan your route when you’re away from your vehicle and simply send it to your navigation system.

Driving Data

Take control of your journey history
The MyT app logs your car data, letting you retrieve past driving information, including speed, acceleration and mileage so you can analyse your performance. If a business user, you can also use the app to log your business trip mileage.

Service Reminders

Never miss a service again
Available soon, MyT helps you keep your Toyota performing at its best with maintenance reminders based on your vehicle’s actual mileage, so you never miss a service again.

How can I start using MyT connected services?

You can start using MyT connected services once your MyT account has been activated. You can create an account via the Toyota website or MyT mobile app, during which time you will be asked to provide more information about your vehicle to complete the registration.

If you would like further assistance, visit your Toyota us in-store and we will be happy to help you set up your MyT connected services.

Where can I get the MyT app?

You can get the MyT app from either Google Play or the Apple App store depending on your device.

Where can I get the MyT app?

You can get the MyT app from either Google Play or the Apple App store depending on your device.

eCall - the automatic emergency call function

Quick Assistance in an Accident

Simultaneously with the Toyota Connected Services, we are also introducing the new eCall emergency call system to new vehicles. It is a system where an emergency call is triggered either manually or automatically by the vehicle in the event of a major accident. The emergency call centre receives the exact position of the crashed vehicle and also establishes a voice connection to the passengers. If there is no response, an ambulance is automatically sent to the scene of the accident. eCall is free for you and available throughout Europe.