When buying a brand new or Approved Used vehicle from Hills Toyota we know that it is important to you that you get the right model, specification and colour to suit you. Choosing how you finance your car is just as important.

Our range of finance plans have been designed to make funding your car as easy and simple as possible.



A great option for companies who emphasise cost control. One regular and VAT- efficient payment will cover most motoring costs and risks, including the Road Fund Licence, depreciation and the eventual disposal of the vehicle. Many clients also choose to include a maintenance package that’s designed to suit them. The only other costs remaining with the customer are fully comprehensive insurance & fuel.

With Contract Hire clients are able to:

  • Claim Hire Rental Tax Allowances up to 100% depending on emissions.
  • Gain an additional credit line.
  • Reclaim the VAT on 50% of their payments and on 100% of their maintenance package costs.
  • Run vehicles that are not recorded in the Balance Sheet but on the Notes to the Audited Accounts.

In Summary Contract Hire offers:

  • Fixed cost, inflation free motoring.
  • No Residual value risk.
  • Low initial outlay.
  • Cash Flow benefits for business users.
  • Ability to renew cars for minimal outlay.
  • Allows cars to be kept up to date and vehicle fleet fresh.


A fixed-term funding option for companies who want to administer their own vehicles with the intention to show these as an asset on their balance sheet.

Companies have two options to choose from in Finance Lease, which are:

- To pay for the entire cost of the vehicle and the interest over the agreed lease period

- To make lower monthly payments by electing to make a deferred – or "Balloon" Payment at the end of the agreement.

Whichever is chosen, clients never take ownership of a vehicle. It must be sold to a third party and a portion of the sale’s proceeds, together with any "Balloon Payment" must be paid to the finance company.

Under the terms of a Finance Lease, companies will:

  • Gain a further credit line.
  • Combine a low initial outlay with low monthly costs. Reclaim 50% of the VAT on their repayments and claim hire rental tax allowances.
  • Show another asset on their balance sheet.
  • Have equity in the sale proceeds of the vehicles.



Our most popular funding option on new and used Vehicles is Access Toyota which is a personal contract purchase (PCP). The benefits of using Toyota PCP means you won't tie up your capital with one big outlay. Also, we're able to give you an immediate decision on your credit application

How Does It Work?

  • You decide how much deposit you wish to pay and then choose your annual mileage band to suit your individual needs. Toyota finance will then forecast the value of the vehicle at the end of the contract period. This becomes the guaranteed future value (GFV). As your monthly payments and guaranteed future value are fixed, this enables you to budget more effectively.

What are my options at the end of the agreement?

  • You can part exchange your current vehicle and arrange a new Toyota PCP contract. The guaranteed future value is set from day one; therefore at the end of the agreement your car is valued as a part-exchange. If the vehicle is worth more than your GFV then this positive equity becomes your deposit for a new car (subject to mileage, condition and status).
  • Other options are you can keep the car and pay off the guaranteed future value that was agreed at the start or choose to return the vehicle for a collection charge. (Subject to the vehicle status and meeting the mileage and condition terms set in the agreement).

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Toyota Motor Insurance: 0800 009 3953

If you are currently insured with a different motor insurer and you find that Toyota's quotation is more competitive, you can transfer your policy to Toyota without losing any of your no claims bonus and Toyota Insurance will also pay for your cancellation fee of up to £50.

Benefits of Toyota Motor Insurance

In the unfortunate event of a claim, you can rest assured that your Toyota will be cared for by Toyota trained technicians and restored back to its pre-accident condition, with all work carried out guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Work carried out on your Toyota will be done using Toyota genuine parts and only Toyota Motor Insurance repairers.- If you make a claim for an accident that is not your fault, and the driver of the car that hit you is not insured, you will not lose your No Claims Discount, or have to pay an excess.
  • Named Driver No Claims Discount – Named drivers on your policy can earn their own No Claims Discount which can be used when they take out their own policy with us.
  • If you have a child seat fitted in your car and your car is involved in an accident or damaged following fire or theft, we will pay for the cost of a replacement, even if there is no apparent damage.
  • Unlimited cover for your Toyota original fitted audio and navigation equipment.
  • Cover for loss of keys (includes vehicle, house and office keys)