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Hybrid Technology

Toyota has been developing Hybrids for over four decades, but they can still be a mystery to some.

Easy to drive - the Hybrid system controls itself and all Toyota Hybrid cars are automatic.

Two engines working in tandem - Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds switching seamlessly and quietly between electric at lower speeds and using petrol-power when needed.

Batteries that never need to be plugged in - excess power from the engine and regenerative braking recharges the battery so you don't need to worry about plugging in.

There's a Hybrid for everyone - with seven different models to choose from across the range we now have something for everyone.

Easy on your wallet and the environment - our Hybrid cars save you fuel but also money. Less fuel also means low emissions. Many of our hybrids boast the lowest CO2 emissions in their classes.


The advanced features of Prius+ will make your journeys easier. Connect your smartphone, tablet or ipod via USB or Bluetooth to enjoy hands free calling and texts, navigation with 2D and 3D maps, real-time traffic updates, detour and eco-route functions.


The Prius + provides multiple combinations of seating positions and loading possibilities. From seven people on board and typical school-run luggage, to five seats and holiday cases.

Prius+ is the perfect family car, with capacity to seat 7 people. The Prius+ comes with Toyota's Touch 2 multimedia system and adaptive cruise control as standard.